Water Filtration Systems

Water Solutions of Florida installs whole home and partial water filtration systems to assists homeowners in West Central Florida get the clean water they deserve for cooking, bathing, drinking, doing laundry, or cooling off in the summer heat with a sprinkler!

The Importance of Well and Water Filtration

Whether your water is sourced from the city (or county) or a well located on your property, you and your family should be able to trust the water flowing through any faucet and be able to enjoy its taste! Water filtration systems for your home can help you to improve your city or well water quality.

City Water Filtration

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It is common for municipal water treatment facilities to use chlorine and other chemicals and minerals to “treat” your water and deliver safe potable water to your home; however, this treatment process can alter the taste and smell of your water. While safe to consume, it isn’t always an enjoyable, quality taste (or smell).
By installing a water filtration system in your home, you can be rest assured your drinking water is fresh, clean, and free of “weird” tastes. Water filtration systems are designed to pull the impurities from your water, leaving you with only quality H2O!

Well Water Filtration

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Well water is naturally filtered through the layers of rock and soil between the ground and the aquifer the water is sourced from. While this does help remove most contaminants from the water, it is possible for some biological material to still be present. In addition, well water can be higher in minerals than city water due to the natural filtration around the rocks—picking up minerals stored in the ground. While this is usually harmless for people to consume, these minerals can affect the taste, smell, and the ‘hardness’ of your home’s water.
Water filtration systems—whether you install an under the sink reverses osmosis system or opt to filter all water coming into your home—are designed to remove these added chemicals, excess minerals, potential bacteria, and contaminants. This provides our customers with the ultimate water purification and fresh, clean water.
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How Water Filtration Systems Work

The water filtration systems we install are designed with the latest water cleaning technology. These units are equipped with a two-step filtration process to ensure maximum removal of particulate matter that is affecting the quality of your residential water.

Water filtration systems can be installed at the main water source, where all water enters your home, or can be installed elsewhere at another primary faucet, such as under the sink to provide clean drinking and cooking water.


The flows into a special filtration tank where it passes through a filter meant to separate out any sediment, dirt, and other particulates.


The filtered water is then passed through a secondary carbon filter for smaller particles such as chlorine or dissolved minerals and other impurities still present.

Depending on the water filtration system you have installed, the water may also be passed through a water softening tank to again ensure any ‘hardness’ to the water is removed. Once the filtration process is complete, the clean water is store in a separate tank that feeds to your sink faucet—or the whole home.

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