Tankless Water Heaters

You may be in the market for a new water heater and realizing the many options available to you. Whether your current water heater needs replacing due to its age or failing function, or you are looking for a more energy efficient way of heating your homes water, there are many options available when it comes time to replace or upgrade your home’s water heater.

Once such option that is very popular due to it superior energy efficiency is the tankless water heater option. Compared to their traditional counterpart, tankless water heaters take up significantly less space and are known for having a longer lifespan—so homeowners can get more out of their investment.

How Tankless Water Heaters Work

Tankless water heaters work similar to their spacious tank counterparts—essentially using a heat source to warm water and distribute it throughout the home. How does it do this without a tank? Far more efficiently than a regular water heater!

Tankless water heaters are connected to your home’s water source, where cool or cold water enters the device. The water is then immediately warmed via a gas burner or electric element and then sent to your hot water tap.

So, unlike the large tanks of traditional water heaters, tankless options do not keep a supply of hot water (that it has to continuously warm and monitor the temperature of). Rather, when hot water is needed and a hot water tap is turned on,
Water enters the tankless water heater
Is immediately heated and
Delivered to and out of the faucet
Essentially, homeowners receive an endless and on-demand supply of hot water. This process enables energy savings by only heating water as it is needed while satisfying the need for hot water whenever it is needed.

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